IntelliQ Health is a full-service market research and strategy consulting firm with a long track record of accomplishment working with clients across the healthcare continuum, including healthcare systems, large physician practices, health plans and insurance companies, medical device and equipment companies, healthcare IT providers, non-profits, and pharmaceutical companies. We design and conduct custom quantitative and qualitative research studies and work alongside our clients to assist them in the interpretation and implementation of the results of these studies on a worldwide basis.

Our overall mission is simple: to empower healthcare organizations, institutions and individuals to harness the power of information through the acquisition and transformation of data into meaningful information and actionable insights.

IntelliQ Health is different from traditional research companies in two important ways:

1. Since we are highly specialized and experienced in designing and conducting custom quantitative and qualitative research studies in the healthcare sector, we are up-to-date on key industry challenges, opportunities and developments.  This minimizes the time our clients need to spend getting us up to speed while shortening project turnaround time.

2.  Our commitment, willingness, and ability to take insights a step further and work alongside our clients to turn meaningful data into actionable recommendations, strategies, and tactical initiatives.

At IntelliQ Health we know how to formulate the right questions, solicit the right information from the right decision-makers, and provide information and path forward recommendations to facilitate strategic high stakes decision-making.

IntelliQ Health's roots began in 1983 as Cooper Research.  Cooper was founded with the vision of a highly specialized research organization that would only serve the healthcare community.  Since that time, Cooper Research has delivered over 3,000 research studies and helped countless organizations improve their marketing strategy, product planning, and new product/market entry decision-making.

Today, IntelliQ Health has a large team of experienced consultants and research professionals, (including focus group moderators, project managers and analysts), an in-house telephone survey research center, online research capabilities, and access to leading secondary and competitive information sources.