Our Philosophy

At IntelliQ Health, we believe strategic research is an important tool for obtaining knowledge and insights about how healthcare consumers and other constituents think and behave. Developing clear objectives, creating well thought out questionnaires, and collecting data is only the beginning. The real work comes in interpreting the data so that analysis and recommendations are tied to the client's mission and direction, as well as to the specific research objectives.

Our goal is to help our healthcare clients better understand perplexing problems and issues. Too many research studies end up on the shelf, hardly ever used, and are viewed as unnecessary expenditures. Our view is that every dollar spent on research should have significant value to management, giving them vision or "eyes" to the market.

At IntelliQ Health we believe in deep thinking, hard work, and insightful investigation of each research topic in order to provide meaningful, insightful, and actionable results that every client can act upon with confidence.

Our Experience

While many research firms say they understand healthcare, few do. Our leaders regularly publish in healthcare journals, present at healthcare conferences, and stay current on healthcare issues. Plus, we are very familiar with the provider, payer, and government environments. In addition, we have completed literally thousands of studies in healthcare among physicians, nurses, healthcare executives, healthcare decision-makers, and other allied healthcare professionals.

No one knows healthcare better than IntelliQ Health