Children's Hospital Patient Satisfaction Program
On an ongoing basis, IntelliQ Health conducts a large number of interviews with families about the care received.  IntelliQ Health worked with the client to develop a process to fit their quality improvement needs and budget.  Not only does IntelliQ Health provide weekly data for several dozen departments, but also supplies rich, actionable verbatim comments that have been instrumental in increasing satisfaction scores.

Hospital Staffing Study
This research was designed to determine the availability and staffing potential for a new hospital being planned.  The results of this study were used to make key decisions regarding the building of a new facility and the types of employment programs that should be made available.

New Facility Research
This study was designed to ascertain the impact of a hospital change of facilities and the building of a new medical center campus.  The results were used to guide the management committee and provided a key assessment of consumer attitudes regarding this issue.

Physician Practice Innovations
This study was done to gather opinions and attitudes from physicians and practice administrators and to obtain a definitive measure of their thinking about their practices, their futures, and changes occurring within the health care system.  This study received local, state, and national visibility.  The study revealed a number of new insights regarding physician issues and concerns.

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Consumer-Driven Healthcare Acceptance
This study was conducted among consumers to determine their level of understanding and acceptance of consumer-driven healthcare products.  The results were used to develop a new product line by a leading health plan.

Provider Satisfaction
This is an ongoing study for a major health plan to assess the satisfaction of physicians, physician's office managers, and hospital administrators.  IntelliQ Health worked with the client to develop a list of custom-tailored metrics, which more accurately described each provider's thought processes and allowed the client to set real world, actionable goals for improvement.

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Bone Graft Material Study
This study was conducted for a biotech company that is developing a bone grafting product.  The respondents for this research were orthopaedic surgeons from across the United States.  The study identified the level of acceptance for this new product and the various applications for which this product would be most appropriate.

Medical Product Acceptance
This study was conducted for a large medical device manufacturer to determine how to grow market share.  Data was collected from healthcare providers nationally (both customers and lost customers were studied). The study revealed new significant areas of opportunity and ways the product could be competitively re-positioned in the market.

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HIV Patient Compliance
The purpose of this study was to assess patient perceptions of HIV medication dosing adherence.  The study was completed among a national sample of HIV patients using conjoint analysis.  The findings revealed significant needs with regard to an optimum drug regimen protocol.  The results were later published in a leading international juried medical academic journal.

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Needle/Syringe Re-Use Among Healthcare Providers
The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence and attitudes of healthcare providers relating to the re-use of syringes and needles on patients.  Both physicians and nurses were included in this study.  This study received national attention and was released to ABC News.

Stroke Awareness
This study was conducted among a national random sample of physicians to check awareness of stroke signs and symptoms.  The study provided some startling insights about physician stroke awareness and was later presented at a national conference concerned with stroke issues.  The results are now being prepared for publication in a leading medical journal.

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