As a leading US-based full-service strategic market research consulting company specializing in the healthcare industry, IntelliQ Health provides a wide range of research and consulting services.

In addition to consulting and research in customer engagement and satisfaction measurement, loyalty, and employee retention programs, we have extensive experience in market structure and opportunity analysis, image and attitude studies, new product design and development, pricing and segmentation studies. We are also well versed in Internet-based research applications, as well as advanced quantitative applications such as conjoint and discrete choice analysis and perceptual mapping.

Our projects frequently involve interaction, interviews/surveys with physicians, allied health professionals, health benefits decision-makers, hospital CEOs, and other highly specialized audiences who are both difficult to reach and difficult to interview.  The information obtained is often tied to both medical treatment and patient outcomes.

At IntelliQ Health, we think of our clients as our business partners.  Our services are designed to provide our clients with the highest quality data and actionable insights, so that they can make informed decisions based on facts that will help them propel their organizations forward.  It is our belief that the data and insights we provide help make our clients successful in what they do, and their success is our success, because happy clients are likely to become repeat clients.  Repeat business is one of our internal measures of success, and we take pride in the fact that a large portion of our business comes from our existing client base.

We advise clients to make their research "gritty" and focused.  That is, ask very specific questions that deal with real issues so that clear actions can be taken.  Key questions we often ask are . . .

  • How will the research make a difference in the success of your new products or in resolving product and customer problems?
  • How will the research make your company more competitive?  More profitable?
  • Is the research targeted and actionable enough?
  • Are the benefits of the research clear to your management team?
  • Is it clear how the research results will be used in decision-making?
  • What is the research ROI?

Undirected "fishing trips" are not appropriate in market research, although often done. While it is important to understand why customers make choices and what drives those choices, it is vital to understand what can be done to make your products/services offerings more competitive and compelling.  Our staff is trained to diagnose and understand the objectives of the research, design the most effective and actionable research possible, and is expert in presenting the findings in a way that makes them useful and actionable.