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IntelliQ Health Success Stories

IntelliQ Health Needle/Syringe Re-Use Study Gets National Attention

IntelliQ Health surveyed physicians as well as patients to determine the prevalence of, and attitudes related to, the re-use of syringes and needles on patients. The study received national attention and was released to ABC News.  For more information, click here.

Medical Device Product Acceptance Study Drives Market Repositioning Decision

IntelliQ Health conducted this study for a large medical device manufacturer among US healthcare providers to determine how to grow market share, revealing significant areas of opportunity. For more information, click here.

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IntelliQ Health and Industry News

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Why IntelliQ Health Is Calling You

IntelliQ Health is a market research firm that does telephone surveys and other market research projects for many of the leading healthcare firms around the globe.  This includes hospitals, insurance companies, medical device, equipment and supplies manufacturers, and pharmaceutical firms. 

In addition to interviews with healthcare and business professionals to understand their needs and requriements for healthcare products and services, we often interview patients to learn how satisfied they were with a recent doctor or hospital visit and learn what, if anything, could have been done better so our clients can better serve the needs of their patients. 

IntelliQ Health and our clients are in full compliance with HIPAA and we do not, or will not, try to sell you anything.  We are strictly interested in getting your opinions about healthcare issues, products and services.